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Angelica Teuta

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Angélica Teuta is an artist from Colombia and currently living in NY.

Her work is characterized by proposing a reflection about a series of notions such as time, spatiality and the standards of a learnt reality. Engaged with the idea that art has to be in junction with life, also thinking that the best way to connect art ideas is to observe our living situation in order to understand human nature and the social construction of needs.

Teuta does site-specific installations focusing on a space’s metaphorical ambience where people can experience and interact with projections, recycled objects and sound. Her new research is called “emotional architecture” and she has started blending her surreal ambience with her new interests on interior design and architecture by designing spaces inside others, ambient rooms and wooden structures.

She has shown her large projects in United States, Canada, Norway, Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia and published in Artforum and ArtNexus. She recently completed a residency at AZ West with Andrea Zittel.

Currently she is having a Master in Visual Arts at Columbia University in New York, supported by Banco de La Republica Scholarship and Colfuturo.