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Nyahzul Art

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Nyahzul is an oil painter born in Bogotá, Colombia and based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a self-taught artist with a background of 10 years in Graphic Design. She has been actively painting and exhibiting for over a decade in cities such as Los Angeles, Orlando, Detroit, New York City, Las Vegas and Bogota (Colombia). Her style of figurative painting uses rich oil paint with undertones of collage to create moods of Bittersweet Romanticism.

For the past 6 years, Nyahzul has also been curating exhibitions in Orlando and Brooklyn NY. Currently she is the Associate Director of Rabbithole Gallery in Brooklyn. She has a lush colorful oil painting style. Her paintings evoke surrealist and romantic narratives along with forgotten magic. They are as purposely imperfect as life is complex.

“Solve et Coagula”

(to dissolve and coagulate)