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Marina Korenfeld

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Marina Korenfeld was born in Odessa, Ukraine to a musician father and a dramatist mother. Her home was visited by artists, musicians, actors, comedians, and poets, creating an atmosphere that shaped and prepared her for a life in the arts. At Odessa's Theater and Art College, Marina majored in puppetry, "an absolutely marvelous experience in a hard-working environment”. At the college, Marina also studied Classical Figure Drawing, Portraiture, Watercolor, Oil Painting, and the history of art and theater. One of Marina's puppet creations was selected for Odessa's Art Gallery, its largest museum.
Ten days after her graduation in 1992, Marina's family immigrated to the U.S., where she was soon accepted into the School of Visual Arts, earning her B. A. in Fine Arts in 1996. These were the years of great discoveries: Gustav Klimt, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Picasso's Blue Period, and his pen and ink drawings. Of contemporary artists, she favored Remedios Varo, Anne Bachelier, and Loraine Vail. She began making weekly visits to the Metropolitan Museum to sketch and draw the works of Rodin and the Roman and Greek sculptors.
The development of Korenfeld's style and artistic philosophy was
influenced not only by the Great Masters, but also by the literary works of Carlos Castaneda, Herman Hesse, Umberto Eco, Jorge Luis Borges, Garcia Marquez, and Victor Pelevin, all of which confirmed her vision of the mystical power and complexity of the human psyche. As an artist and creative thinker, Marina was deeply convinced that every human being has latent creative potential – and childhood, the time of imaginative whimsy, is the most auspicious moment to develop this potential. Together with mother and her husband Eli, Marina created "IDEA" – a Russian aesthetic Center for children. Through lessons in visual art and Russian literature, as well as frequent trips to theaters and museums, Marina and her colleagues taught the children to be original thinkers, to probe the mysteries of their identity through making art, to approach daunting social and personal dilemmas through creative problem-solving and humor.