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Sarah Maria Conarro

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Sarah Conarro is an artist and educator whose work ranges from performance, to installation, to painting and to social practice. Following the artist's Link:Link Philosophy, her practice considers inconsequential exchanges as a prelude for transformative social interactions. Her performances and gatherings function as a catalyst for people from different backgrounds to find commonality in casual conversation.

She is the founder of the community-activated Link:Link Club, and co-director of the micro-residency creative workspace Dreamers Welcome in Brooklyn. The Link-Link Supper Club Lecture Series is an informal lecture series hosted monthly at Dreamers Welcome, as an experiment in treating a private residence as a public forum and community space. Guest lecturers choose a topic outside of their core focus of study, thereby unearthing the fecundity of collaboration across disciplines.

Sarah explores the interactions and responses to participants in her projects and the community surrounding her projects. In 2014, Conarro received a Community Arts Development Grant from the Alaska State Council on the Arts for designing, managing, and participating in an interdisciplinary project hosting ten New York-based fine artists in rural Alaska, partnering them with Alaska community members. In 2013, Conarro received funding from the the Rasmuson Foundation’s Cultural Collaboration grant for her project design entitled The Alaska Experimental Video Mapping Project (Master Works Series), a project examining perspectives of 350 youths on where they live as they simultaneously created a cohesive large-scale collage and video map. For Brooklyn Bridge Park’s public installation 2015 series, Sarah performed “Come Say Hey”, a roadside stand advice project, culling words of advice from passers-by. This six week performance run was the third rendition this project. Created to connect community, land, dialogue, collaboration, and artists, this interactive project explores “advice” as a place-based phenomenon with over-arching themes that transcend location.

Within her teaching artistry, Sarah applies the same guiding principles that she applies to her own practice: through focusing on asking questions without assumptions on what any answer will be, the stage will be set for authentic process. She titled the guiding principles The Mind is an Abstract Concept. Since 2004, Sarah has been developing and applying these guiding principles in classrooms and communities nationally and internationally.