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Seth Ian Zimiles

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Seth Zimiles has been working as a sculptor in New York ity and the
surrounding area since the early 1990’s. He has had numerous group and solo
shows of his work in Manhattan and in galleries throughout the Northeast.
Seth’s compositions derive from his own poetic imagery, as well as an interest in
exploring the expressive possibilities of different materials. Opposites can play
against each other, such as a hard metal that appears organic and soft, or sharp
forms imposing on soft forms. Whether in wax, metal, plastic, or clay, it is the
immediacy of the process at which these materials react that help to give his
sculpture mutability, and adds to the ephemeral nature of his work.
Through his art Seth interprets the human experience. Personal, religious, and
psychological themes permeate throughout his compositions. Figurative and
non-figurative elements create a contextual landscape. His sculptures are
inspired by liquidity and impermanence. These forms are fluid, and emerge as if
they have undergone the effects of natural occurrences. Seth’s intent is for these
works to arrest time, and appear as if they have been stopped while pursuing a
perpetual course of action, in the same way a photograph will capture a fleeting
moment or emotion.