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Nils Hasche-Vasquez

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Nils Hasche-Vásquez, born in Spokane, WA, of Chilean and German descent, formerly worked for New York Department of Education as a Full-time Art teacher. Hasche-Vásquez graduated with his Masters of Art Education from the School of Visual Arts in July 2010 and received his Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Arts at the State University of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology in 2008. Hasche-Vásquez has also worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and completed a variety of art internships including: commercial artist studio, Silver Hill Atelier, the Educational Alliance Art School, and The Dalton School. He has also curated exhibitions at Xanda McCagg Studios, the Educational Alliance Art School, the German Consulate Building with Friends of the Freie Universität Berlin in New York City, and the Barnstable Comedy Club.

Nils Hasche-Vásquez’s current work entitled New York City Windowscapes are a group of paintings from Nils Hasche-Vasquez's current work depicting a variety of Window Landscape scenes of NYC and beyond. The Windowscapes depict personal views witnessed, synthesized, and photographed by the artist of archetypical views of NYC from and through windows. These images purposely comprise closely cropped dwellings crammed together that have unexpected little surprises, moments of glory, and details that especially someone who has lived in NYC might appreciate. Hasche-Vasquez’s Windowscapes focus primarily on day-to-day life scenes over iconographical references to tourist attractions and the color palette is intentionally vibrant, loud and use non-traditional landscape colors. Metaphorical symbols of art in general terms are explored throughout Nils Hasche-Vásquez’s artwork. The Windowscapes of NYC series encompasses exploration of windows as metaphors in many ways. The edge of the canvas and the metaphorical window frame relate to the viewer by separating the viewer from the illusionary world of the painting but simultaneously serving as an architectural gateway through a transparent view of the world from the artist’s lens. This invites the viewer to see the somewhat representational view of NYC through the personal perspective of the artist.

Nils Hasche-Vásquez also paints wet on wet with acrylics and allows the interplay between color, texture, and scale to become it’s own compositional dialogue. The influence of growing up on the Pacific Northwest also find its way into Nils Hasche-Vásquez’s work through an interest in light and lushness. Some artists Nils feels have influenced his work are Chilean painter Cecilia Boisier, Henri Matisse, Robert Rauschenberg, Chaim Soutine, and Edward Hopper