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Annesta Le

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The subtle iconography of Annesta Le’s work is formed by drawing on themes of transformation, duality and alchemy. Working with neon, painting and raw materials, Le approaches each piece organically and in the moment by heating delicate glass tubes over the flame of a ribbon burner. Each curve is hand molded, becoming an extension of her movement. The result is a reflection of her own internal image captured in physical form. Her art is dynamic in its creation – an open, experimental, unpredictable method, balancing the intentional and unintentional.

Annesta Le is a Vietnamese-American artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. She presented her first solo show in 2014 at Parenthesis Art Space in Brooklyn and has exhibited at a number of other galleries in New York. Le has also shown at Museo Internazionale Italia Arte in Turin, Italy, the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, Illinois, and was a featured artist on BRIC TV, Le was also recently awarded the Peter S. Reed Foundation grant for 2017.