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Haggai Cohen-Milo

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Award winning Israeli bass player, composer and educator Haggai Cohen Milo is already a known name in the international music scene. Mr. Cohen Milo brings exotic flavors to his music from his native Middle Eastern country, Israel. In both his compositions and in his playing there is a contemporary mix of sounds between East and West. Cohen-Milo is regularly touring both as a sideman and a leader. His group the Secret Music Project, that features his personal musical sound and vision has performed in some of the most renown festivals around the world. His debut album as a leader was released in the Spring of 2014 on John Zorn's prestigious label - Tzadik. In addition to his presence in the jazz and world-music scenes Haggai often collaborates with dancers, dance companies, and visual artists with the goal of achieving a common language for improvisation between the mediums with a methodology he's developing called Make:Speak.

Make:Speak is an approach to interdisciplinary performance and improvisation that Haggai's been developing since 2008. It’s comprised of three components: research, education, and performance. Using this concept fundamentally transforms the process of music making, dance, and visual arts. Make:Speak creates ephemeral performances by building a foundation for artists to inform, influence, and communicate with each other on stage. However, the bulk of work is done off-stage. This is not a side-by-side operation; through practice and preparation artists learn to create a performance that exists only in the moment (or on video), like a conversation, with each art form completely dependent upon the other in order to continue the conversation.

"Israeli composer/bassist/improvisor Haggai Cohen Milo revealed over a set of ridiculously infectious music that he's in the soul restoration business". Graham Pilswarth, - The Coast