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lea marie cecile mairet

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My name is Lea, I just Graduated from Parsons the New-School for Design That I love and still go to the New York Comic Symposium as well as the Art Student League of New-York.
I am an Illustrator with a true love for independent comic.
I love to write my own stories but thats for my sides projects for the rest I am really open and flexible and have no problem of being just a maker.
For my independent comic:
You will be able to buy the online In JULY or Bookthugnation and Flushing Library for now.

I am also a Graphic Designer,( I was one of those double major that was consider as a sell-out) with a true love for layout design.
I also love giving an identity to actual objects and page and those are the things that I love the most in Design. Thats why Layout pagination with an appropriate and unique grid system are my favorites.
Illustration and Design are totally different world but somehow along the road I could do the both and really want to focus on layout and type design for Graphic Part.

I am really flexible and open minded so you
can contact me at:
( loulou its because my sister’s nickname is loulou or lou and we do have a really close relationship she is actually also a big part of what I am, that’s why, for those who wonder!)

I would be really glad to deal with you.


I am also tri langual Spanish, English and French.
I do understand Hebrew but I don’t speak it and Korean but I am actually really bad.
It’s because I went to a Koran Agwan for a year and half and I am still in contact with most of them.
Like I was really good in Philosophy and Literature not in French weirdly so I continued. Right now I am of the 7 Administrators of an amazing Group called Hannah Arendt that have today 2000 members.
Like its part of my life I love it.
I love cats and Independent Comics and like my libraries are full, I just finish to Wrote my first chronic.
I came in the US from France when I was 16 in a family in Long Island that is now adopting me.
I have a ton of bad side but I am someone really nice word too nice and I love human beings and people, with a deep love for my family and friends. Like I spending my life working my art and design friends are of course my design or art family or compatriots.
One last thing, I love to say that I am a dragon is chinese zodiac, because its the only one of the chinese zodiac that is not real that’s why they are consider as special and lucky. I like to believe it. They are a tons of chinese lady who plan to make children during the dragon year and I am one those!!!! BUT it wasn’t planned.

In my spear time I am doing my sides projects because this is the life that I choose to and I am actually really passionate about it.
For my independent comic:
You will be able to buy the online In JULY or Bookthugnation and Flushing Library for now.

This page is actually under construction.


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