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Lindsay Anne Powell

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Lindsay A. Powell is singer-producer and clothing designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. In her music, Powell explores and attempts to redefine the role of the Contemporary Diva. She works mainly with electronic manipulation of vocals, synthesizers and live instrumentation in order to achieve a unique pop sound. She has released four albums under the moniker Fielded and has collaborated with artist Naama Tsabar for work shown and performed at both Frieze Art Fair and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. In her work with clothing design, Powell creates costumes and garments that share a symbiotic relationship with the musician wearing them. She has collaborated with artists such as Benjy Russell, Rya Kleinpeter and Alice Miller and has made costumes for music videos and live performances for both herself and others. She is currently working on her fifth album for Fielded and starting work on her hybrid clothing and music label Universally Handsome, a contemporary redesign of the traditional record label.


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