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I am Shribas Adhikary.I am Indian religion. I was born in year 1964 at Jiaganj, district: Murshidabad state West Bengal country in India. I am the son of a poor general now forty eight years age. My father name late Nitta Nanda Adhikary. My father had a job in the Indian Railways he was general Indian Rail ways worker. He died in year 2003.Since childhood I have practiced drawing. School after the final pass I was admitted to the college of art in year 1984 from 1989.The five year course at Kala Bhavan Visva Bharati central university at state West Bengal country in India. Masters (MFA) of Fine Arts degree course at that time were unable to because the problem is that the money was. After a lot of year 2010-2012 I have complete Masters of Fine Arts degree. Employment as a teacher under the terms of the needs and the degree needed for NCTE.
After five years of college to study visual art (honors sculpture). I was working creative sculpture art at home. After some time I was involved in at Kolkata city on an offset company. Some companies have worked long days in Kolkata. But it did not feel good about the work. Forced to come back home again. I love to imagination and independent way to work on my love of creative art. There is so much tragedy in my life, and whatever you do not write. This is ironic to me.
My father and mother gave me inspiration for art work. In 2000, Kolkata city was the last thought on art gallery will showcase my art work but, unfortunately my house is drowning in the flood in 2000 and my art work (sculpture mold and painting) is lost. Have worked at one time since the last 2002-2004 home decoration in this area people home room daily wage and little wage. Has forced me to be come. It was because of my lack of money. Currently, five members of my family, I will, my mother, wife, one daughter and one son. My daughter is studying in local college Bachelor of Arts (honors subject Bengali) in part-II. My son is studying in local primary school classes one. Through lack of money and suffering too, we are working on my art. Currently I am working as an art teacher at a private (NGO) educational Institution. Yet sometimes even entertainment marquee work. Nor do I have to earn. Through this work I think myself published art fantasies.
Most of my creative and specific art work and the sculpture mold have been destroyed in the ghastly flood past year 2000.Creation of the work and I do not show my misfortunes.Unfortunately, events have happened in my life so much more. I have thought about a lot more great work, but my enemy is my lack of money. Compulsive nature of this situation is my notion.