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Patrice Robinson

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Patrice Robinson was born in Queens, raised in Brooklyn, and works full-time in NYC. She’s a self-taught visual artist.
Patrice’s primary focus is in portraiture. Also, her primary medium is oil paint, which she uses on wood panels. When painting a portrait, Patrice likes to work in loose layers, building up the painting slowly, until she’s ready to define and highlight key areas. She is influenced by many artists who have and do work in contemporary realism or surrealism, for example, René Magritte, Lena Danya, Alyssa Monks and Kehinde Wiley.
She also continues to gain inspiration from her personal experiences. Self- reflection is very important to Patrice whose philosophy is always to find a way to relay some emotion or idea honestly. Painting in oils realistically is honest. Seeing a person as they are on the inside and making sure that comes through to the viewer is also very important to her. For Patrice, the people and places she paints should evoke an emotional response for the viewer. Whether she’s telling stories about personal afflictions and adversity, or trying to illustrate the feeling of being black in America, she intends for the viewer to be emotionally moved. Her paintings focus on the complex psyche of a person and their many personalities. The anonymity and distance that surround some people strongly interests Patrice. Patrice provides a psychological, spiritual and biographical narrative throughout all her work.
Patrice paints as a way of expressing herself through imagery. Sometimes showing is easier than telling and being able to communicate successfully with anyone is special, but when it happens while sharing such a sensitive piece of one’s self–her imagination–that is something that cannot be accomplished with words.
Patrice’s work has also been featured in both the Matador Review and PoetsArtists magazine.