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Alyssa Dennis

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I'm a native of Baltimore, MD who now resides in Brooklyn, NY. I hold an MFA from Tulane University and a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. I currently have representation from Johanssen Gallery, Berlin. In addition I've had representation from Kesting/Ray, NYC and Ellen Miller Gallery, Boston. I've exhibited at Pulse LA and ImPulse, Miami as well as Fountain Art Fair. This year I had a solo show with White Walls, SF and am currently showing work with Causey Contemporary, NY. In addition I've work on many different alternative construction projects since 2006 which include straw bale and adobe.

My work explores architecture and constructed spaces as a biological system. I"m interested in one that changes and transforms, evolving to its highest rate of functionality. Take something as simple as a wall form: a modular component that expands and contracts in all four directions but also divides, demarcates, contains, shelters, protects, segregates, isolates, and guides. My goal is to represent an integrated built environment, one free of compartmentalization. Unfortunately, this is not something that always exist in reality due to social, political, or economic interests. My work is a visual amalgamation between a choreographed domain and the iterative nature of the un-choreographed where there is also no bias of material usage. Ultimately, my work reflects the social and environmental implications of the ever-transforming wax and wane between permanence and impermanence, while also making the invisible visible.