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Chandle Lee

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CHANDLE LEE paintings explore the anxieties and tensions of our time: Inequality, racial & gender bias, and immigration issues. He was born and raised in the culturally and ethnically diverse country of Malaysia, he speak 4 Chinese dialects, Malay, and English. Growing up as a minority and a gay person in a socially segregated and conservative society, Chandle longing for pursuing the American dream; he came to the US as a foreign student after high school. He graduated Cum laude with a BS degree in Architecture from Arizona State University, and then graduated with distinction with a Masters in Architecture degree from the University of Michigan. Chandle did find the freedom to be an unique individual in America, however he is acutely aware that America does't free him from racial discrimination and sexual orientation bias. Chandle made a transition into his true calling of pursuing the fine art in 2009. His arts reflecting and critical to his reality as a double minorities, been gay and Asian.