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Roberto Poveda

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Roberto Poveda is a unique artist, presently living in vibrant New York City where he draws inspiration from the enormous melting pot of cultural, visual, and sound impressions. Poveda’s music is recognized both for its understated, sensual sounds and for its humorous and profound lyrics. Combined with his relaxed vocal style mixed with a raspy voice, and lyrical guitar playing, Poveda produces an infectious and very compelling Latin sound with influences from bolero, salsa, rumba, samba, hip-hop, and jazz. With family roots in the Cuban Troubadour tradition, Poveda honed his craft writing songs on the porches of Havana’s La Vibora neighborhood. His talent was recognized and he performed at the prestigious National Theater, during a period in which he engaged with the politicized Nueva Trova movement.

His musical journey took him to Bogota, Colombia where he spent eight years writing, singing, performing and also acting in musical theater and television; experiences that would later influence his sound world. In 1997 Poveda relocated to Miami, and entered a prolific period, producing a catalog of over one hundred songs for the major Latin publisher Peermusic. He went on to record Son Eléctrico (2004), and one of its songs, Sueño Mama, was selected by Putumayo World Records for the compilation Latin Lounge (2006). His voice and personality caught the attention of violinist and producer Alfredo Triff, with whom he recorded Boleros Perdidos (2006), DadaSon (2009) and more recently, Miami Untitled (2013).

Later on in New York, Poveda collaborated with renowned jazz musician and producer Kip Hanrahan, in At Home in Anger (2012), and toured with the band Beautiful Scars to the Ljubljana and Lugano Jazz Festivals (2010) under Hanrahan’s brilliant leadership. Poveda also joined forces with Fima Ephron (Screaming Headless Torsos, Lost Tribe) with whom he collaborated on Brooklyn Nights, his most recent album (2012) - recorded and mixed by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recordings Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Notably, the cover was designed by renowned Cuban artist Arturo Cuenca. (A tune from this album, Mulatto, was released on Cafe Latino, in September 2013).

Brooklyn, NY


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