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Victorius M Remak

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VICTORIUS REMAK started dancing during his first steps to the radio, according to his mother. At the age of 17 Victorius auditioned at the Lucia Marthas University, in Amsterdam, where he got accepted to study both Musical Theater and Dance Education. Through the school he interned at several venues as: Musicals, TV Shows, major events, for example: the celebration of the 25th reign of the Dutch Queen. He also taught at several schools in the Netherlands. After graduating with 2 bachelors from the Lucia Marthas Academy in 2006 Victorius started working for several agencies. He did a variety of assignments as modeling, acting, choreographing and teaching workshops until being accepted to study in Alvin Ailey’s postgraduate program and moving to New York in 2008. After finishing his study with Ailey he joined Haitian/ modern dance company lead by Peniel Guerrier. He also danced background for Lisa Lisa from Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. He works with multiple dance companies: Forces Of Nature, Phyllis Rose and Something Positive among others. Victorius is also an arts and education teacher which gives him the chance to develop and create for the future generation of dancers.