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Sina Basila Hickey

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Sina Basila’s work looks at humanity: Who are we as a society? What do we consume? How do we treat each other? These questions are meant as a mirror. Are we aware of our impact on our environments, and are we aware of how our environments have impacted our communities?
These questions are posed in the form of conceptual photographs, documentary photographs, and documentary films. The conceptual work is the artist’s own reaction to our wasteful society, and she uses waste materials that are transformed into wearable designs. The documentary work tells stories of people who work to educate about inequality and fight for social justice.
Politics and art have always been at the root of Sina’s work. What good is beauty if it ignores or takes advantage of others in less fortunate situations? These creative works are meant as a platform for constructive conversations about our roles in the communities and hopefully a source of inspiration to become a part of a movement of change.