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Jason Grimste

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brokeMC is SoundMovementPaintWords. He captures light with paint and breathes life onto canvases and walls. He pulls apart gender and racial expectations, confounds linguistic and calligraphic properties, and examines modern society through a critical concrete-level lens. Working with spray paint, acrylic, markers, stencils, and elements of collage, brokeMC contributes to the evolving ephemera of street art employing classic techniques ranging from graffiti tropes to master techniques of the Italian Renaissance. A Bushwick Hip Hop MC of over ten years, he often "freestyles" verses in the backgrounds of his canvases before layering more concrete imagery over the top. His work has shown at Think Gallery, Space on White, LowBrow Artique, 5ptz, Morgantown Bar, As*erisk Art Project, 3rd Eye(sol)ation Gallery, and more.


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