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Simon Andrew MacArthur

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I guess, if anything defines my work, it is unbridled curiosity; the urgent need to know. I love photography precisely because it has provided a passport into a life richly imbued with the deeper understanding of other people’s existences. It has opened doors that would have simply been impossible for me to walk through otherwise.

I travel the world over, looking at the intimate details of how people live their lives, the differences, and likenesses, that so often delineate us, one nation, one region from another. I have a fascination for people’s choices in living where they do, what makes them decide to settle in one place and not another. What are the redeeming factors for “here” that made it the only logical place to be? It’s that “hereness” that I try to tap into because it informs who these people are.

I realized early on that events hardly have to be cataclysmic to be worth recording; there is so much beauty hidden in the mundane and so I have often focused on people at work or play in the realization that we are frequently defined by what we do. Another aspect of the deeper self is revealed. I call it environmental portraiture. There is pure treasure in those unguarded moments. I have been rewarded, too often, in seeing the people before me exhibit astonishing levels of dignity and pride while going about their lives, frequently doing nothing in particular. My own reward is a trove of extraordinary experiences that are impossible to put a value on.

"I've...seen things you people wouldn't believe." R. Batty

I grew up deep in the English countryside, surrounded by animals and lush, green farmland. My mother instilled in me the deepest love of and curiosity for nature and the belief that all life is sacred. I carry that with me always and believe, hope, it is reflected in my work. It’s impossible for me to be surrounded by nature and not constantly marvel at it.

I am an avid diver and passionate advocate for the oceanic environment and all its inhabitants.

I live in Brooklyn, New York with my amazing wife, Jen.