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andrew macvane abbott

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I try to make paintings that are intertwining.
I want people to hallucinate when they look at them, in a good way, if they want. Get lost in them.
They are alive. I monitor them as infant paintings until they become adult paintings and leave my house.
They come and go. I don't want them to come back though. I want to find them all good homes.
I want them to impress you…..but not to the point that you like me too much in a weird way.
I want them to have secrets and surprise you. Whoa! Hey!
I want to confuse you by painting something that you can wear as a hair navigation system which provides a direct data link.
I want everyone to see my art. Print it on all your t-shirts and wear them to important meetings with art collectors.
I want to do something that you would recognize like the Mona Lisa or a Ford Taurus.
I want to do an art show in your town and freak you the heck out.
I hope they don't reveal anything that I didn't paint there on purpose, so stop imagining weird shit, I didn't put that there on purpose.
If you have a sublime experience, I am fine with that.