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Angelik The Artist

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I am Angelik...As an artist I am constantly seeking a greater understanding of the self and my identity as a human form, and the universe. As a multi-medium artist, my intention is shedding light on my areas of interest to spectators who might not know the origins and contemporary forms of Body Art. I aim to inspire others to explore their self and identity and develop self-love. I would like to embody and express figuratively and representationally the beauty of body modifications and the wonders of our universe. My work is frequently identified by “other worldly” portraits of Evolved Modified individuals of all types and renditions of elements of our universe.
The works are derived from an understanding that I myself am an Evolved Modified being who is connected to a collective consciousness representing the future of human identity . The manner in which I express myself physically is described by many as eccentric and otherworldly. My 3 graduating circles form my signature and are notably seen on my forehead chakra. They represent my Enlighten state of being, 3 being the universal truth, and circles as a form of communication. The way I choose to artistically express myself is inspired by the culture of body modification. I find facial/body tattooing, scarification, stretched earlobes, and other modifications to be characteristics of Evolved beings and beauty. Another notable interest of mine is my fascination of naturally occurring phenomena of the universe.
These elements of my personal interest inform my practice as an artist. The works are self-referential and an extension of my continued investigation visually and physically of the Beyond.


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