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Nadia Galla

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Born into a family of artists, I learned the basics of art at a very young age. After graduating from Nizhny Novgorod State University with a Master’s Degree in Interior Design and Art, I decided to leave a quiet hometown for busy New York City. The Big Apple required a lot of hard work and survival skills, but at the same time it provided inspiration for future projects. It took me a few years until I was able to fully devote my time to art again. Soon I started to get bookings for indoor murals and interior design projects, mostly from people who knew me through the fine art. What started as small projects in the houses of friends and acquaintances grew into a company with large clientele and a team of artists. The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing the effect that artwork makes on people. A mural can not only turn a plain boring room into a work of art, but it can also transform space and transmit atmosphere. It can submerge a viewer into a parallel world. The collaboration of formal interior design education and passion for fine art helps me to create.


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