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Natalia Barnatny Steinbach

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Natalia Steinbach is a violinist, vocalist, composer, and violin/viola instructor. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Her musical writing is greatly influenced by her classical training as well as a variety of other genres including experimental, metal, avant-garde, rock, and soul music. Natalia is passionate about creating, improvising, and performing new and original music. She also enjoys sharing her love of music with others through teaching. Natalia's lyrics are extremely honest and rooted in personal experience. By fusing and sampling from a number of genres Steinbach strives to create work that appeals to many types of listeners and desegregates the musical world. Ms. Steinbach's music is about surviving devastation through the beauty of creation.

Natalia performs her own music as well as other composers' music all over the country. She has also performed abroad, most recently in Berlin, Germany for the Month Of Performance Art, an annual festival. Natalia also enjoys performing experimental and improvised music with a variety of other New York artists and musicians.