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Reinhold Ponesch

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Reinhold Ponesch was born in Bregenz, Austria, lives and works as a painter in New York and Vienna. He started painting during his time in the special forces unit COBRA and decided 2001 to live for art. Reinhold Ponesch´s paintings were exhibited at international art fairs like FINE ART BEJING, ART MARBELLA, SHANGHAI ART FAIR, ART TAIPEH and the ART AUSTRIA at the Leopold Museum. In 2013 he was chosen for the prestigious Kapsch Art Award, the project ‘Changing Views’. In 2015 Reinhold Ponesch was nominated to participate in the Trierenberg-ART exhibition (Tann Papier), in Christian Trierenberg`s established collection. Furthermore, he writes theatre plays and has directed several plays.

"My painting moves in the area between abstraction and a figurative world of layers. Whereas for me the priority is always the discovery of new shape compositions. Inspired by all sides of life, I aim to give my paintings new and diverse expressions. I leave any possible interpretation to the observer".