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alfred george evans

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I am a 55yr old Brooklyn born artist, who has 2 adult children, loves art, music, writing and reciting poerty, theater, photography and cooking. I come from a large family consisting of 6 sisters and 3 brothers. While growing up in Brooklyn and as the middle child (#5 and the youngest of my brothers),I didn't always recgonize my gift as an artist. Through the year however , I was able to hone in on, what I loved doing most. Over and over the result came in an Artistic form, whether it was writng or reciting poetry or cooking or creating an art piece to share, Art came out of me as I searched for my gift.Now that I"ve found it, it is the right time to share with the world. AG"THE DIRECTOR" IS ARTIST. i ONLY HOPE YOU TOO WIL ENJOY MY ART TOO. SINCERELY, AG EVANS