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Henry Odd Bentsen

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I am a comedian/Variety show host. I first appeared on PBS in the 1950' a child for mathematical ability (one of PBS's first shows ever with children). I have appeared on Russian (RTV), Queens Public Access TV, Manhattan Public Access TV, Televison de Catalunya (TV Tres), Spain, Catalunya Radio (call in show in Catalan.) I hosted the Global Look Public Access TV show on Staten Island NY from 5/1/07 to the fall of 2010., an International (truly) Variety Show. Everything from heavy metal to classical opera performed by internationally heralded stars.

While I do comedy, I am a pioneer in bringing acts with accents to American Television. I believe I am the first performer to bring to a major market acts from around the world with accented English speakers. In order for English to truly become the international language, we must understand accents from England to Zaire, or Fouzhou, China. I can secure great international talent. Some countries: Japan, Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, France, Spain, Honduras, The Dominican Republic, Georgia, China and many others. My show (I believe) was the pioneer attempt at getting Internationally accented English presented on a regular variety show in a major market.

I am a college professor of ESL (30 years experience in NYC and Spain) and speak English, Norweigian, Catalan, Spanish, Chinese, French and Italian (as well as conversational Japanese, Korean, Russian, and some Turkish-learning these now). I am not. however a professor of any language except English

I also appeared on the Toastmaster's Television Show presented by the No Limits Toastmasters group whose function was to aide Down's syndrome affected people with public speaking skills. on Staten Island.. A rewarding experience that led to my hosting my own show, The Global Look.