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Jenn Cacciola

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Jenn Cacciola is a Brooklyn-based artist, educator, and art conservation assistant. She produces interdisciplinary work in tapestry, sculpture and painting. Her studies in Chemistry and Art History reinforce her curious approach to art-making and support inquiry into the validity of material experimentation. Themes of isolation, aging, vulnerability, and human interdependence serve as just a few loci of exploration in her portraiture—always allowing for the recognizable protrusion of a human face.

How does an artist depict someone familiar, or a stranger, or someone who is no longer alive, or someone who they've never seen—as in the numberless portraits of Christ, for example? These scenarios continue to draw Cacciola to a variety of mediums, all the while speaking to a single, recognizable pursuit: to know and to know well.

One of the guiding concerns in Cacciola's work is personal accessibility for all types of viewers. This she seeks to achieve by way of understanding what it means to be honestly "moved." Therefore, many of her works seek to address viewers individually. They sometimes impose themselves, or call to viewers in a way that physically establishes an intimate, almost private relationship between the piece and its visitor. Her current endeavors include large-scale layered, textured tapestries and socially investigative projects. Her works are found in private collections in NYC, Westchester, NY; Washington, DC; Pittsburgh, PA; Milan, Italy; and Budapest, Hungary.