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Savannah Rae Moore

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Originally from Colorado, i started my arts business at 17, and came to NYC in '07 to make a name for myself in the art world. I started off small with a couple of original pieces of art and hand drawn portraits, set up on west 4th st. Over the next decade I was able to expand and work in more neighborhoods any where from Jamaica queens to the lower east side to Coney Island and back again. In 2013 I started volunteering as an art teacher. That experience has not only enriched me but has given me a goal to open up a year round arts program for at risk children, hopefully in the next 5 years. As an artist I try to either point out socio-economic and socio-political issues that could be improved and ultimately corrected as well as to convey other positive ideals using surrealism, bold rich color pallets, and dreamlike atmospheres cleverly laced into the backdrop of one of the most aesthetically endearing cities I've ever had the pleasure to live in.

I offer a wide range of artistic services in an equally wide range of artistic media styles which include but is not limited to: Illustration, portraiture, family/wedding/event portraiture and live painting, Graphic Design, Logos, menus, flyers, events, custom cards, murals, walls, tattoo design, children's books, t-shirt graphics, buttons, cartoons, & custom work by request that can be done in medias such as: Acrylic, Oils, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Mixed Media, Digital rendering & illustration, collage, wall paint and more. Artwork can also be rendered in a wide range of artistic styles such as: Impressionism, realism, cubism, comic book art, anime, surrealism, pop art, abstract, technical, caricature, cartoon, graphic, tribal, and customized styles
I am available for parties, commissioned projects, events, weddings, murals, classes, after school programs summer programs and camps and private tutoring