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beryl benbow

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Beryl Benbow has her B.A. in Fine Arts & Early Childhood Education from CUNY’s Brooklyn College.

This native Brooklynite, has been an artist for more then 30 years, as well as a Computer Programmer / Analyst, Web Designer / Developer & graphic artist.

She has recently reinvented herself by becoming a documentarian. Beryl has just finished two documentary shorts. An Ineffable Gift, a story about her grandmother & six sisters. All of them were jazz musicians and blues singers from Pensacola, Florida. The other documentary is entitled, S I S T E R S, and is about ten African American women, from Brooklyn who have remained friends for over five decades. Beryl, also, has a monthly edutainment show.

Eclectic & experimental describes her work. She has always enjoyed creating collages, drawings, silk screen prints. At times, instead of a paintbrush, she may utilize an air brush and spray paint.

Presently, she employs her knowledge, & experience in creating art with a relatively new mode of digital art.

Beryl utilizes photos she has taken, drawings are scanned or created with her digital drawing pad. She re-works the pieces into a new work of art utilizing various software.

Digital art is a natural transition for this artist. She employs the same techniques in creating art digitally, as she has creating her hard copy art. Instead of using a scissor and glue she now cuts & pastes.