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Mallory McMahon

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Mallory McMahon is a Brooklyn-based fiction writer who still lives in her native Bay Ridge. Her fiction has appeared in The Berkeley Fiction Review; the Tupelo Quarterly; and the EEEL. She placed third in The Berkeley Fiction Review’s Sudden Fiction contest, was shortlisted by The Masters Review, and was the recipient of third prize in the International 3-Day Novel Contest. She received an MFA from The New School in 2015.

Mallory's work centers on a curiosity about girlhood as it is related to womanhood in contemporary literature, and particularly the question of how the coming-of-age story’s boundaries are stretched and changed when a female protagonist is placed at the narrative center. At present, she is working on a collection of short stories, tentatively entitled "Rat Circuses," that follow grown women who are shackled by their younger pasts and young girls who, by virtue of their youth, still retain a subjectivity that allows for relative freedom. In examining these fractured and fragmented womanhoods and girlhoods, it is her hope to better understand the loss of female agency that occurs to young women during adolescence. In a reversal of the acquisition of male agency in the traditional, androcentric Bildungsroman, Mallory's stories present women who have suffered a stripping of identity in adolescence, and so must choose in adulthood to regain it.