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Donnaray Roc

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Donnaray Roc born and raised Jamaican; Humanitarian and World Culture trading ambassador. Exports and imports of Jamaican music dancehall culture. Her organizations carries the colors of leadership, empowerment and legitimizing authenticity in the dancehall markets around the world.

As seen on Sweden's TV4 and Onstage TV Jamaica; She speaks about the disparity of Jamaicans taking ownership and exploiting the new paradigm in global music and dance. Her organization is the acting catalyst & facilitator in developing & implementing plans to redefine dancehall culture while creating opportunities and empowerment for the youths.

Rockerz Jamaica and The Dancehall United Nations; Collectively establishing a world premier movement as the official dancehall culture leader, in trade, music, dance and tourism. An award winning building assembly that advocates in strengthening Jamaica’s popular dance style, legitimacy, attractiveness, popularity, values and roots. Her artistic excellence and professional artistic works has proven throughout the years, with depth knowledge within artistic disciplines. The idea behind her organizations; is to going beyond ordinary, while developing others to reach their dreams of becoming high class performers.

Rockerz; is a global passionate alliance, that focuses on fostering, development, empowerment and attractiveness for the art form of dancehall art. Bring forth excellence for the performing arts.

Bringing forth excellence, highlighting greatness as an empowering youthful organization connecting to the rest of the world through fair trade. She is now working on producing platforms to facilitate the art form as her assemble sets to redefine Dancehall culture globally.

Over the last fifteen years she has transformed into a creative master and influential positive leader in communities around the world. Developing an uncanny eye for details and seeing the bigger picture, structuring world platforms and opening markets for the Jamaica performing arts and dancehall culture.

The definition of a driven and an ambitious business woman; From Customized stage shows to digital marketing, her extensive experience in the entertainment industry provides a unique ability to offer you an award winning entertainment package. Her mission is to deliver excellence and individuality in all aspects of her passions and goals. She has been creating the out of box experience for elite productions, shows, artist, theater, and music videos.

Edgy, Stylish, Creative, and Daring are only a few characteristics to describe this award winning phenomenon. Living in a world where styles are constantly changing and creativity is always in demand; She has her hands in theater production, marketing, PR, choreography, and artistic directing; Donnaray not only epitomizes, tenacity,enthusiasm, and charisma of for arts but she's also an advocate for health solutions and upliftment.

She is now involved in providing her expertise on the nominating committee for the World Music awards (IRAWMA). She also won a performing awards at the (IEDA) Image Entertainment Awards.

She has worked on directing dance production for the International Reggae awards; Seen on Sweden TV4, ONSTAGE TV JAMAICA; Two time featured on NYC CHANNEL 11 WPIX, Featured in POSH magazine, BackAyard magazine, and was the first to toured with MTV nominated music masters, Major Lazer; Featured in Time Out NY; Worked on production sets such as "How fi Dance Reggae" Producer of VP RecordBs world dance clash championship; Worked with Music Directors such as Sean Due, Little X, Jay Will and Spike Lee. Director of choreography and producer for dance movie, Dance for Grace; She also hosted and coordinated the reggae dance competitions like; VP Records World dance Clash Championship and the Reggae Dance Off. Produced: The National Dance or Die tour; Performed @ The annual New York Irie Jamboree; and The annual Reggae Fest, Director of choreography for The Miss Jamaica USA pageant; Worked with artist such as Nicki Minaj, Mavado, Shaggy, Joe, Kelis, Elephant Man, Bennie Man, and Sean Paul just to name a few.

As a native of Jamaica, it’s only my duty to share the passion of art and what it brings in a positive aspect to the fellow youths in communities”. Dedicated to the dance culture and community she has donated countless hours implementing exclusive projects and programs that enrich the lives of those around her. An accredited representative Donnaray serve as the official diplomat.

The organization was founded in 2003 to provide a vehicle of promotion as well as facilitating the reggae/dancehall dance business. An organization that is very passionate about structure and raising the bar for DH education, providing educators with the proper tools to elevate their teaching methods and to place the art of Dancehall on the highest pedestal it so definitely deserves.

No Doubt Donnaray Roc is one the most distinguished and influential leader in her community. She also embarked on an initiative to help raising more awareness for breast cancer with a project call Roc Of Ages.