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Bodhivata Dharmashanti

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Born in Paris in 1959, Claudio Basso has had an impressive volume of work published across four continents.

His professional career started in Milan mentored by Alberto Nodolini, the renowned Art Director of Italian Vogue. From Milan to London, Paris and New York Claudio created fashion editorial for prestigious magazines such as American Vogue, New York Woman, French Elle, Italian Vogue, Vanity, Bazaar. He was recognized in Japan for the Max Factor cosmetic campaign and in Greece and Brazil for his stunning Elle covers but Claudio never abandoned his most intimate work of Private Portraiture.

In 1990 he exhibited in NYC a memorable series of Black & White featuring celebrities with infants. The collection, called "A Star and A Baby" was successfully auctioned to raise funds for a charity organization devoted to help children born with AIDS and had a deep impact on Claudio's career.

The following year Claudio packed his bags and moved to Australia where he took a deep dive into motion picture working with advertising commercial scripts. A challenge in his eyes, it led to producing dozens of spots and landed him, once again, global recognition and the International Mobius Award for Outstanding Creativity.

By early 2000 Claudio returned to the United States to continue his work in photography, enriched by twenty something years behind the camera, a list of celebrities and supermodels photographed with a unique style that combines sensuality, elegance and sophisticated photography. Following a near death medical experience in 2008 Claudio decided to pull out of the fashion frenzy and dedicate his talent to describe his spiritual connection to Mother Nature.

His following work in Zen Landscape Portraiture has been widely recognized by the public and noted art collectors.