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Keyon Lewis

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Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Keyon Lewis is an artist who fuses the intricacies of culture, environment and community to create impactful works of art.

Inspired by the beauty, nature and colors of his trips to Jamaica as a child, Keyon yearned to express himself through art. He proceeded to educate himself on ceramics, photography and sewing and took classes in art at the Brooklyn Museum. However, it was the vivid graffiti, landscapes and people that he saw everyday on his was to school in Brooklyn that captivated his imagination.

Determined to be a trendsetter and cultural innovator Keyon launched KLACK for Kinetic Love Artistically Creative Kingdom. His Brooklyn based t-shirt and art brand aims to inspire young people to be their best and to create greatness.

Keyon has over 10 years’ experience in teaching art and also creating for himself. He has led many artistic creative teams for play productions, working on backdrops and stage presence. Keyon’s creative abilities are very much layered and intersectional, but his roots are buried in culture and impactful expressions influenced by current events.