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Alan Waxman

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Alan Waxman MLA creates ecosocial design for health equity and cultural resiliency. By operating in locations of fragility in space and time, he aims to bring people together to reopen critical narratives. His current Urban Rhythms studios assess urban patterns by way of participatory engagement, setting up emic spectrums of data derived from meaning for cultural insiders. Resident participants, those who have the most to gain and the most to lose, collaborate to make real time interventions through events, dance, and environmental change. As "Neighborhood Doctor," Waxman deploys ecosocial design in Brownsville, Brooklyn NY and Kyoto, Japan, where he serves as an instructor with the University of Oregon in their Myoshinji Zen temple based urban design program. In 2015, he and Sang Cho produced New York City's first Health Impact Assessment with a group of elder residents in Brownsville. Working on projects primarily for NYC Parks, Waxman works for Quennell Rothschild and Partners, a leading landscape architecture firm for public space design. He is an inaugural Forefront Fellow with the Urban Design Forum in New York City.

Waxman led Harvard’s Project Link Program from 2013-2014 for under-served youth, performing a youth led urban design charrette for a critical transportation artery in Malden Massachusetts. He is co-founder of Real Time Health Mapping, a trans-disciplinary thought experiment to bring social and environmental data streams into hospital IT to create a model for low cost, high quality chronic disease treatment based in long term community engagement. He served on the organizing committee for the 2014 Health Equity and Leadership Conference (HKS, HSPH, HGSD, College) aimed at curating closer relationships between Universities and community groups in Boston neighborhoods, particularly those at high risk for chronic disease. In 2012, with Nikola Bojic, Waxman designed and built Hangzhou’s Sinking Gardens, positioning a displaced community at the fore-front of Hangzhou’s contemporary public art scene. He has taught English as a second language in Kyoto, Japan, at the University of Oregon, and tutored high school in the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Waxman is originally from the Pacific Coast.