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Aisha Rivers

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Aisha Rivers
Dance Education Specialist, Performing Artist, Choreographer, Arts Entrepreneur

Brooklyn-born “triple threat” who has been an avid devotee of Guinean and Senegalese dance for over 33 years, sung as an opening act for KRS-1, and acted alongside Queen Latifah in Hollywood’s Mama Flora’s Family, Aisha Rivers has devoted her entire life to the performing arts, using them as a means of spreading love, knowledge and healing to people of all ages. Her commitment to people, the dissemination of African Diasporic culture, and her choreographic brilliance have merited Aisha many awards from artistic, governmental and humanitarian organizations alike. She has been recognized, for instance, by The United States Army, The Ghana Initiative, The Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative, and My Brothaz Home AIDS Awareness Program for her arts-based service to communities around the world. She has also received numerous awards for dance and choreography.
For example:
 Aisha was presented with the Alvin Ailey Dance Cluster Award for Achievement in Modern and Ethnic Choreography. She has also received an award for “Best Choreography” from Long Island University, an award for “Best Choreography” from the Georgia National Dance Association and recognition for her choreography in the play “Epic in Aiken”, among her many other accolades.
Education has also been an integral part of Aisha’s career as an artist. She began her own professional training in dance in 1992, when she earned a scholarship to study at the Alvin Ailey Dance School. Subsequently, Aisha received a full scholarship to study at Long Island University, where she completed a double major in Dance and Early Childhood Development, with a minor in Psychology. Studying at some of the finest performing arts institutions in the country and with some of the world’s most renowned artists in the genres of African, modern, ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz and Caribbean dance,
Aisha has been compelled to continue the legacy of rigorous artistic study through her own illustrious career as an educator and arts entrepreneur. Among her many appointments as a master teacher and resident artist;
 Aisha has held a position as Professor of Dance at Savannah State University, where she taught African, Caribbean, modern and dance theory. She has also held positions as an Adjunct Professor and Resident Artist at Emory University, Columbia College, Georgia State University and Armstrong Atlantic State University. A successful entrepreneur who has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and on several television and radio broadcasts.
Aisha is the CEO/Founder/Artistic Director of Ayoluwa African Dance Theatre, Inc., the CEO/Founder/Artistic Director of the Water of Life Multi Cultural Performing Arts Educational Center and the Founder and Artistic Director of the Aisha Rivers School of Dance & Performing Arts. Finally, Aisha’s crowing achievement is the gift that she has given to the world in the form of five beautiful daughters, Khadijah, Umahawa, Makale, Alma and Zakia, whom she has also instilled with a profound respect for the arts, African culture and humanity.