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Sam Galison

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I have a background is in the theater and circus, and currently I work with a combination of digital and traditional craft practices to create compelling, immersive experiences in a wide variety of media. My work makes use of techniques ranging from ink and pencil to optical glass fabrication to music composition and experimental, interactive electronics. I have worked professionally as a graphic, web, and physical-media designer at various agencies in New York, and for various individual and institutional clients.

I hold a BA in "Affective Engineering" from NYU Gallatin and an MFA in Digital + Media from RISD. The former was a self-designed major drawing from the Interactive Telecommunications Program in Tisch as well as from fine art, philosophy, design, and engineering; the latter culminated in a written book and multimedia installation, both centered on the phenomenology of being present and the uncanny distance between lived experience and abstracted, mediated, or archival memory.

In both my artistic and design work, I strive to find meaning in the noise of everyday experience, and clarity in the chaos of an oversaturated media environment. The process of making is a way for me to be honest with the world and meet the unknown with curiosity and excitement.