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Olive Margaux Allen

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Olive Allen (O.A.) is an abstract contemporary artist living and creating in New York City. She grew up in the post-Soviet Russia in the times of chaos and uncertainty.

“More than anything I always wanted to be free, not to simply follow the rules and be like everyone else. In my art I feel truly free. I’m definitely a decisive rebel. I have a tendency to make important decisions without hesitation just because I feel that certain things are right for me. I guess that contributed to my decision of moving to New York at the age of 18 to pursue my creative endeavours instead of taking more conventional path.
Painting provides me with a boundless freedom of expression, a means of reaching and defining something within and beyond myself. Through my work, I am able to connect with my feelings and share them with others, allowing them to relate and experience my inner world.
My art is about the exploration of subjects that intrigue and resonate with me; it is about looking deeper into the essence of them. The hypothesis of technological singularity inspired me to create a series of acrylic paintings that aimed to explore my feelings about it through visual representation.
Using lines, shapes and a cold color palette, I created depth and transparency to represent matter and time. Geometric shapes are of particular interest in these works because they comprise the beginning and end of everything in the physical world. These pieces are significant in revealing my fascination with parallel universes, hidden dimensions and, ultimately, the frontiers of reality as we know it.”

Right now Olive is working on more conceptual mixed media paintings integrating recycled plastic and aluminum. She believes that it’s artists’ duty to bring awareness to global issues like climate change and plastic pollution of the World’s Oceans. She feels that the world is in a very fragile state nowadays and art has a power to transform the reality…