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Trina D'anne Hall

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After college, I had double vision and debilitating head pain. During the healing process, I discovered painting and I've been enchanted with color ever since. My work has been shown in a museum, group shows, and solo shows.

I began working exclusively in oil on canvas, inspired by Monet and Van Gogh. I then began exploring my own voice by painting themes of loss and sadness, followed by a series on emerging scientific discoveries, then a series on the collective unconscious. My current series asks what makes something or someone beautiful. I use various objects categorized as tools for the feminine - nail polish, makeup, tampons, lipstick, blood, and candle wax. I work with found objects and mainly in oil.

Connection is the underlying theme and desire of all my work. How do we connect to a moment? How do we connect to one another? Do we connect on multiple levels? Do we avoid connection if we don't understand or are we curious to connect to that which is unfamiliar?