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Luisa Muhr

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"My work is not about finding an answer, but about exploring a question: through the sonic and physical exploration of space. Surrendering to the very moment, trusting, and deep listening are the biggest part of each journey." 

Luisa Muhr is a multi-lingual, multi- and interdisciplinary performer, improvisor, director, installation artist, sound artist, and theater maker, originally from Vienna (Austria), lives and works in New York, and is at home in the experimental/avant-garde. As a performer she specializes in performance, movement, vocal, installation, and theater art.
Muhr is also an educator, writer/lyricist, and the creator and curator of New York's leading interdisciplinary womxn and non-binary artists performance series Women Between Arts at The New School. She is also the co-founder of the performing arts company FENGARI Works and a core member of the vocal-movement ensemble Constellation Chor.

Muhr's primary focus is working with musicians in a theatrical, ritualesque setting, exploring the relationship between sonic and physical movement in space.

She was a Music Artist in Residence at Pioneer Works in New York in April 2019 and at the Pocantico Center of the Rockefeller Estate with six-time-Grammy-winner Arturo O’Farrill in June 2019.

Luisa has collaborated with artists such as Claire Chase, Kenneth Goldsmith, Sarah Hennies, Shelley Hirsch, Frank London, Arturo O’Farrill, Jenny Romaine, Peter Schumann, John Zorn, and was part of Constellation Chor’s performance of Ashley Fure’s Filament with the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center.

"I love your work, Luisa!" – Meredith Monk
"She's a word-genius!" – Arturo O'Farrill
"...incredible and indispensable!" – Shelley Hirsch
"Wonderful! Marvelous!" – Austin Pendleton
"She's got a reality going right there!" – Stephen McKinley Henderson
"Luisa can play it all!" – Daniel Davis
"...a phonetic exercise by artist Luisa Muhr showing the interconnectedness of language" – Alyssa Kayser-Hirsh of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN on Arturo O'Farrill's 'Borderless'

For more information and to contact Luisa, please visit: