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daaPo reo

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Amongst other practice, I produce mixed media flags and textile installations that are not unique to any land or people, but rather intertwine narratives of individual experiences in a global age, with collective memory and composite accounts of events across space and time. I am Nigerian-born and a naturalized U.S. citizen; my artistic practice draws on autobiographical material and my subject matter often deals with shifts in perspective, reversible identities, and the intricate networks of threads connecting universal chronology and circumstances with our personal timelines and interactions as humans.
My body of work weaves sociocultural, economic and political commentaries on the twists and turns that have shaped the world we live in and the experience of being human in the 21st century. I use it as a catalyst for conversations, a canvas to crystallize ideas and feelings and cross-examine a variety of themes. Navigating past, present and future, the pieces I create explore questions of physical, intellectual, cultural, economic, sexual, political, spiritual identities and freedoms. The outcome is audience-engaging narratives that address the audience often with a first-person voice, and lay bare perspectives on notions of foreignness/otherness, while also dissecting our codependent realities as nations and as individuals. Ultimately, I reflect on humanity’s compulsive pursuit of space, time, belonging, and selfhood.