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Daniel Simon Ayat

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I am a Lebanese-American artist, writer, and educator based in Brooklyn.

My practice broadly addresses the political aesthetics of civility, social rituals, and public hygiene.

My goal is to uncover how these ideas are woven into every aspect of private and public life in the modern era. I typically work across a range of different media with the intent of uncovering the most appropriate material response to specifically modern socio-political conditions.

A recurring theme in my work is the theory and practice of the human body’s intersections with the body-politic. I am interested in how this assemblage of bodies and matter in space is represented and how this can shape the concept of publicness in the social imagination.

My drawings are additive assemblages of self-produced imagery from my direct observations of my domestic interior. By offering my interpretive representation of the social body, my intent is to create a kind of collective portrait of modern society in the globalised metropolis.