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David Solomon Murfree-Holder

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Witnessing a musical family who were gifted in multiple forms of expression inspired me as early as age 6. I toke piano lessons on and off for years. Then my interests were progressing to percussion and drums in the middle school band. But the day I held a bass guitar in my hands I never looked back. Playing in my local church vastly improved my instincts, skills and understanding. So I began studying performance and composition at Five Towns College. During my journey to my bachelor degree in composition I've had the privilege of doing what I love and getting paid. To be performing, teaching and recording music has been a great experience because I began to see how they all could harmoniously co-exist in my life. A Teaching artist! A person who creates art with the purpose of inviting awareness to the intricacies of expressing the unity of life's many revelations.

My experience as a private instructor for 10yrs working with students from 6 to 60 has been my honor. Seeing the progress of the children in my classes when I taught at Upper Room Christian School for 2yrs was also the strongest challenge on my character as a man. Yet the short time I spent teaching at Boden Center for Performing Arts was the most inspirational.