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Neil Robert Friedman

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My primary mode of expression before I took up photography is movement and dance. I trained extensively in a variety of dance techniques, modern, ballet, and improvisation. But, over time I have turned to photography and have found my creative home in the making of photographs. There is , I believe a connection between the two modes of expression and that taking pictures can be very much like making a dance.
I hold to the notion that photography reveals worlds that otherwise would remain unseen and that through the process of revealing the worlds that appear in the images a photographer captures, those worlds are revealed to others as well. Which is similar to what a dancer does when he or she is dancing , they too, are exposing unseen worlds to the audiences eyes.
My main sources of inspiration is sought and discovered on the streets of New York City and the people who live and work there. Through my work I look to "make" visible" those small acts of intimacy, the dances individuals, couples and groups of people "perform" everyday in situations that reveal to the camera's eye the very essence and heart of the city.
"Photography is neither representation nor a tool. . . but rather one of the primary means through which the world discloses itself to us. What it reveals is uninformed by human consciousness- not just because it exceeds our optical capacities, but also because nature "speaks " a different language to the camera than it does to the human eye: one based on analogy." William Talbot
We may never be able to know what is truly real, but the camera brings us a close to reality as we can come. The images I create, I create in the hope that they might bring people closer to one another and in that in that process a different kind of dance begins to take shape . One that occurs between the viewers the photograph and the photographer, that links them to each other in ways that are often unspoken, but never-the -less are sensed through their shared emotional experiencing of the pictures and their subjects.