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Anthony Rebholz

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Anthony Rebholz: Artist Statement

The main motivating factor of my recent work is the idea of the psychomachia.

It is translated as the battle of the spirits, soul war or the conflict of the soul. Essentially my images revolve around two dynamic forces pushing and pulling on each other. There is no hierarchy or judgement in perpetuating the dominant or submissive force. I want to illustrate this eternal struggle and the vulnerability of being human, something that is larger than ourselves as individuals and has been pondered and philosophically approached throughout the ages and civilizations.

The technical approach to my work is the fundamental approach of visualizing. This is the brain to hand connection. Make a mark and respond and develop into a meaningful image. I like to keep the palette simple by exploring the possibilities of primary colors, red, yellow and blue and three earth tones, ochre, umber and sienna and then a white. Establishing simple dichotomies, push/pull, good/evil, yin/yang or masculine/feminine.

The work is interactive in the sense of constant unfolding. A curious mind and a mental discipline is necessary to understand the complexity of a painting. The concept of the picture plane, the metaphysics of the image, the significance of pentimenti and how they all effect the experience and the understanding that art is a document of humanity. One can approach the work, spend time contemplating the work, revisit the work and each time discover a deeper relationship between space, time and emotion with a physical and spiritual understanding.

Like a tree pro-generates, my work as an artist has roots and grows. It’s branches reach higher and it’s roots become deeper and stronger. Small branches sprout off of bigger branches. Leaves grow and blossoms appear. The tree becomes colorful and beautiful to look at. The tree then fruits. These fruits go to seed the cycle begins again with a new body of work.

As artists and poets throughout time have philosophically explored the nature of being human my recent work continues this exploration and expresses the perplexing and intriguing nature of the human spirit.