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Anton Vitkovskiy

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Hello my name is Anton and I am an artist.
I have been painting professionally since 2011.

I was born in USSR in 1985 in Simferopol, Crimea Ukraine. In 2001 I moved to the United States where I went to high school and then to College in Virginia Beach, VA where I developed my interest in fine art. I was fascinated by the works of Picasso, Jean Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock and many others.

After university I moved to New York City. Living here added a certain amount of depth to my work, it allowed me to understand and experience different cultures. In my studies I have been drawn to the tribal primitive cultures of Africa, Latin America, pre-christian Europe, Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. Their art work and vision mix in my mind and I project this vision on canvas. I believe these images come to me from the outer cosmos.

I often stand in front of my paintings and try and decipher their meaning, I look for the clues and symbols in order to unlock a specific painting and discover their secrets. For more pics of my work check out my IG @antovitko.