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Caroline Heffron

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I begin my painting process by taking photographs. Whether in New York, Italy or flea markets the juxtapositions of humans, statues, the classic, comic and grotesque are in constant interplay. A process of combining and refining begins in the studio to explore and focus gestures, statues and architectural ornamentation to create intimate paintings that reimagine the cacophony of modern and ancient symbols. I have been pursuing painting, photography, collaging, and ceramics after graduating with her MFA from School of Visual Arts. Heffron’s paintings have been shown at Kent State University, Long Island University, and La Mama La Galleria among others.

Artist Statement

The city is a backdrop for people’s small moments. To capture the beauty of a gesture or a person’s gaze is to slow down and find meaning with the stillness captured. My original photographs are the basis of a process where images are cut, realigned, distilled, reviewed and curated into collages. These collages are translated again into drawing and paint. The connections, narratives, and cultural references are reimagined to focus the viewer’s attention so that the mundane becomes the metaphysical.