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Dafna Naphtali

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Dafna Naphtali is a singer, electronic-musician and sound artist, who composes and performs experimental, interactive electro-acoustic music using her custom software programming for live sound processing of voice and other instruments in projects since the mid-90's. Following her inspirations to work with new technologies and forms, she more recently also creates works for multi-channel audio, music robots and audio augmented reality. Drawing on an eclectic musical background in jazz, classical, rock and near-eastern music, and as a performer, she interprets Cage, Stockhausen and contemporary composers, sings Spanish Civil War songs, Brecht/Eisler art songs, and works in projects with well-regarded musicians in the US, Europe and Israel.

Fellowships and awards have included: New York Foundation for the Arts ('13, '01), NYSCA (’99, ’18), Brooklyn Arts Council (’18), Franklin Furnace, American Composers Forum ('99 '10), Foundation for Contemporary Arts, American Music Center, Brecht Forum, and Signal Culture in Owego, NY. Recordings and collaborations include work with “Pulsing Dot” duo with Gordon Beeferman (piano/voice/live-processing, Clang ’18), Chatter Blip with Chuck Bettis (Acheulian Handaxe ’13), and “What is it Like to be a Bat?” digital punk trio w/Kitty Brazelton (Tzadik '03). Her album-in-progress “Machines & Memory” (projected late 2018) includes commissioned pieces since 2010 “Panda Half-Life” (vocal sextet- electronics), “Marching Men” (voice/chamber group/electronics) and Robotica (voice/music robots).

Dafna is also an adjunct professor teaching Electronic Music and programming at New York University and The New School. She’s published a book chapter, “What if your Instrument is Invisible?” in Musical Instruments of the 21st Century (Springer/2016), and is working on a chapter on locative media with Richard Rodkin for an upcoming text published by Routledge.

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