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David Wesley Straange

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David Straange (b. December 28, 1992) is a Neo-Minimalist painter with various styles and disciplines embracing a range of Impressionism(neo), Expressionism, Minimalism, Conceptual, Street art, and Fauve. With origins seething through the southern depths of Richmond, VA and Charlotte, North Carolina. Straange brings a visceral communication of southern hospitality coveted in a hourglass of self-reflection. His work conveys everyday chaos of city-life that is likened to be perceived as order when the sun falls and rises. His study of Latin and various etymology recombines the primal and civil; The unsophisticated urges and primordial flesh that we often dismiss in the regular rush of worldliness. Straange , also the last born of two older siblings with more than ten years apart, which can be seen as very isolating from outside looking in. But David Straange explains “It’s not like that at all it’s the opposite”, and adds time to his “Hourglass”. With a radical universal outlook on race and social issues, David Straange works lay a solid foundation of the future.