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Daniel Kramer

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The Visceral Glitch is a photography project by Glitch Artist, Daniel Kramer. After nearly a decade of working in motion design, Daniel began focusing his attention on creating digital art for Instagram. He began taking photos and posting them on instagram as part of a daily design exorcise. The angle of a building or tree would catch his eye and he was inspired to document that moment. The posts were doing OK, but he wanted something more abstract and visceral

And that’s where the fun began.

Daniel found some digital distortion apps and pushed his pictures through them. He glitched, distorted and pulled apart the images to expose an unseen world. Although this is a digital process, there is also a live element in its creation. The apps he uses are destructive, so once an effect has been applied, it cannot be removed.

The photos he manipulates expose a new world flipped on its head and glitched apart.