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Jason Cuvelier

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I was born and raised in a developing suburb in Colorado. After the cookie-cutter megamalls made their indelible mark on my hometown, I left to study at the Maryland Institute College of Art, which enabled me to develop an open-minded, yet distinctly process oriented artistic approach.

My interest in exploring human psychology and people’s interaction with their environment blossomed in art school: I lived in an apartment next to low income projects and was also fascinated by my friends’ interactions and unique lifestyles. My paintings were either large or very small.

After I graduated from Yale with an MFA, I was offered to return for a teaching appointment, where I got the opportunity to teach drawing & painting to enthusiastic undergrads as well as grad students.

Craving more challenge and a new stimulus for my self-expression, I had decided to move to New York City. It was 2001 I was lucky to secure a position at Christie’s Auction House in New York where I worked for 7 years.

I have since taught in Chappaqua and now for going on five years at an arts high school in Syosset, Long Island NY.